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I'm incredibly excited that you're here. This distinctly girly and millennial-looking website-- that possibly teeters on the fence of being TOO awesome-- is where you can find out about my current film projects, voiceover work and generally keep up with the latest developments in my life and career.


There's some fun new things that are coming up soon to look out for!

- Just recently booked a series regular role (Danielle Johansson) in the new comedy web series Vaguely Hayes that is currently in pre-production. It films from March to May 2019 and I can't wait to get started! It's a really great ensemble cast, I'm excited for you all to see it when it's done! -- Synopsis: Hayes is a college student without any discernible personality. Over the course of 6 episodes, he makes various attempts to try to create a name for himself yet continuously comes up short. With the help of his best friend Harper, he gains the confidence to try new things in order to catch the attention of the girl of his dreams, Danielle Johansson.

-Additionally, I just booked a role in the short film Lie On The Roof. --- Synopsis: An intrepid young journalist seeks the truth about a deadly accident --- I'm honored to be playing Andrea Delvecio, the intrepid journalist. This L&B Chicago production will also be filming in March 2019.

-Sgts Jacob and Olivia Barnes, the short film written by the amazing writer and director Jessica Siletsky, is almost finished in post! It'll be really amazing to see the fruits of everyone's hard work on this film. --- For those that don't know the story is about a dual active duty married couple in the U.S. Marines confronting infidelity. They are forced to face their dysfunctional intimacy issues while being trapped in the behaviors engrained in them as Marines. --- Everyone involved in this project was so invested in telling this story and it was absolute pleasure to play a character as strong as Sgt Olivia Barnes. Oorah!

If you wish to find out more about the film, especially as it begins it's journey of film festival submissions, you can check out it's IMDb page:

-Today I just got a callback for another film. And I'm thrilled to keep the ball rolling!



-My sister, Samantha, and I are in the middle of developing a podcast: The Weekly Tea. It's where we talk about/spill some truth on anything and everything that's going on in our lives, around the world, and in our mugs. HA. Get it? 😉

-My almost 2 year old puppy, Viktor Krum (yes, that's his real name--- we are serious HP fans, and his AKC name is even more funny: Windy City Durmstrang's Bulgarian Bon Bon 💅😂😍), recently became a champion show dog! YAYYY! We all already knew he was gorgeous but now we've got the papers and the street cred to prove it. He won Best of Breed the day after he became a champion and that earned him some serious points. So it turns out that he is currently the 24th Rhodesian Ridgeback in the country. WHAT!? So Proud!!

That's all for now!



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